Hennepin County Library Strategic Plan 2011-2025

Reframed for 2016-2020

Mission and vision

  • Our mission is to nourish minds, transform lives and build community together.
  • We envision a Hennepin County where library services ensure every person has the opportunity and resources to read, graduate, engage, work and learn.

Our promises

  • Engage with our communities
  • Respond to our patrons
  • Support our staff

To fulfill our mission and vision, and live out the County’s core values of customer service, continuous improvement, diversity and inclusion, employee engagement and workforce development, we make the following promises:

To our communities

We promise to engage with you, building strength and health by:

  • Providing library services that reflect and respond to community diversity
  • Using research-based information when developing library services
  • Quickly recognizing and responding to changing communities and demographics
  • Deepening community engagement and collaborations
  • Partnering with schools, businesses and nonprofits in our communities
  • Creating library environments that are welcoming, safe and secure
  • Configuring library spaces and places to reflect new and broader purposes

To our patrons

We promise to see the whole person and respond to you by:

  • Delivering relevant, innovative and inclusive library services
  • Engaging readers and learners of all ages
  • Developing physical and virtual library services that support patron access
  • Removing barriers to information and content
  • Building and maintaining our collections
  • Preserving historical collections
  • Soliciting and acting on patron feedback
  • Building confident library users

To our staff

We promise to support you in meeting community and patron needs by:

  • Encouraging learning and development and leveraging existing expertise
  • Valuing diversity and inclusion
  • Supporting an environment of creativity and innovation
  • Prioritizing customer service
  • Embracing new technologies, programs and services
  • Demonstrating the value of library services to residents and other stakeholders
  • Optimizing funding of library services with private and public dollars

Through these promises, Hennepin County Library will remain a national leader of library service, innovation and excellence, and will become a library system that is community-based and patron-focused — one that holds up excellent staff as the heart of our service.

About the Reframe

In 2016, we reviewed our strategic plan (2011-2025) and reframed its objectives within promises to our communities, patrons and staff. We clarified and combined some objectives and removed others that were complete or obsolete. We also incorporated Hennepin County’s core values, which have been guiding our work since 2013.

The result is a reframed strategic plan that holds our mission and vision constant while emphasizing key stakeholders and objectives, and supporting our County Board directive to provide excellent library service to residents. We will review our strategic plan again for relevance into 2020-2025.