Wireless printing from your mobile device

You can print directly from your mobile device at most Hennepin County libraries. (Wireless printing is not available at Long Lake, Osseo or St. Bonifacius.)

You have two options: either send what you want printed in an email or create a temporary account for ongoing print jobs.

Option 1

Email what you want to print to one of the Hennepin County Library (HCL) email addresses listed below. You can send emails with or without attachments. If you send an email without an attachment, the email itself will be processed as a print job. If you send an email with one or more attachments, the email will be processed as one print job, unless the message body is empty, and each individual attachment will be processed as a separate print job.

Option 2

If your device is connected to the wireless HCL network, log in to the HCL Print Center website (https://hclpublicprinter1.hclib.org/myprintcenter) to upload documents for printing. If you have more than five files or extremely large files, this option will allow you to upload files more quickly than sending emails to be printed.

Log in using the permanent shared public credential below. (Please note that all print jobs under this login will be publicly available and can be previewed by others.)

  • Username: patron
  • Password: patron

If you would like more privacy, you can create and log in with an individual private temporary guest account, which is valid for seven days. Choose “Create New Guest Account” on the login page to create a temporary account.

Items will be converted into PDFs for printing; some formatting changes are possible in the process.

If mobile printing is not working, please try printing from a library computer instead.

View detailed instructions for mobile printing (PDF)