Use Pressbooks to create professional-quality versions of your book in EPUB, MOBI, PDF and more formats.

After formatting your book with Pressbooks, you can submit it to SELF-e to share it with readers across the state and potentially across the country.


Online platform to create, edit and publish books in print-ready and eBook formats.


Upload your eBook to Library Journal's SELF-e program to be included in the Indie Minnesota collection promoting local authors. An initial review takes a few days and ensures that your book is technically sound and does not infringe on copyrights.

In addition, Library Journal reviews each book submitted and selects books for a special collection called SELF-e Select, which is available to readers across the country. The review process takes one to two months, and you will be notified if your book is selected.

Submissions must be in EPUB or PDF file format. You can use Pressbooks to export your book into one of these formats.


Library Journal's SELF-e program allows self-published authors to make their eBooks available to readers in public libraries in Minnesota and potentially across the country.


Read self-published eBooks, including nonfiction, literary fiction, mystery, romance, fantasy, action and adventure, short stories, children's and young adult titles.

Indie Minnesota

Self-published eBooks from Minnesota authors.