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Build skills for job-seeking, careers and small business development.

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Online resources for employment


Interactive, guided tutorials including computer basics and operating systems and software from Microsoft and Mac.

Job and Career Accelerator

Resources and guidance for career exploration and job searching, including current job listings, tips for job interviews and guides for creating professional resumes and cover letters.


Live interview coaching, online resume and cover letter assistance. Offers practice tests, online writing lab, and skill building tools in math, reading, writing.

LearningExpress Library

Resources for basic computer and academic skill building, job preparation, and career advancement. Includes interactive tutorials, online books, and test preparation tools for GED, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, and military and occupational exams.

Top-quality video tutorials taught by recognized industry experts. Lessons are for all skill levels and include a wide variety of topic areas including business skills and software, web design and development, music, photo, and video editing, and 3D design and animation.

MCIS (Minnesota Career Information System)

Comprehensive career, education, and industry information specific to Minnesota. Provides résumé creator and other tools and guidance for career planning and job searching, and information for planning and funding education.


Resume and cover letter creation. Includes job search tools such as practice interviews and skills assessment.

Typing Quest

Self-paced online typing course with drills, speed tests, and games.

Online resources for business

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Company profiles, annual reports, full-text articles, and industry and market research reports.

Business Insights: Global

In-depth profiles, articles, case studies, and reports on international companies and industries. Includes interactive charts for industry, country, and company comparisons.

Business Market Research Collection

Company, industry, economic, geopolitical market research with information from Hoover's, OxResearch, Barnes Reports, and Snapshots.

Business Source Premier

Detailed company and industry profiles, country economic reports, and market research reports. Full-text articles going back to 1922.

Gale Business: DemographicsNow

Directory for businesses and residences.  Demographic information for consumer and market research.

Gale Directory Library

Directories and encyclopedias covering brands; local, national and international associations; financial aid; college and university faculty; national and international research and information centers; statistic sources; publications and broadcast media; and publishers.

Mergent Intellect

Replaces D&B Million Dollar Directory. Private and public U.S. and international business data, industry news, facts and figures, executive contact information, industry profiles, and more.  Also includes residential search, demographic reports, job search, First Research, and Key Business Ratios.


From S&P Global. Directory information and data (including stock reports) for global public and private companies. Industry reports, as well as sector data, mutual fund and ETF reports. Historical price record data, country data and compensation information for executives.

Reference Solutions

Formerly ReferenceUSA. Directories for Canadian businesses, and U.S. businesses and residences. Consumer/Lifestyles database offers market research.


Optimized for use in Chrome browser. Profiles of domestic and international advertising agencies and advertisers. Indexes brand names and offers advertising industry data.

Gale Business: Entrepreneurship

Full-text articles on starting and running a business, including planning, operations, marketing, financing, accounting, and taxes.

Gale Business: Plan Builder

Step-by-step guidance for planning, starting, and running a small business or nonprofit organization. 

Human Resources Compliance Library

Available remotely only while in-person services are limited. Addresses changing HR practices and federal and state laws.

Regional Business News

Full-text coverage for regional business publications covering metropolitan and rural areas within the U.S. Coverage varies, typically from mid 2000's, some older.

Capital Changes U.S.

Available remotely only while in-person services are limited. Covers federal tax consequences of capital changes for U.S. publicly traded companies over 100 years.

Morningstar Investment Research Center

In-depth data and analysis on stocks, funds, and ETF's. Also offers portfolio guidance.


From S&P Global. Directory information and data (including stock reports) for global public and private companies. Industry reports, as well as sector data, mutual fund and ETF reports. Historical price record data, country data and compensation information for executives.

Value Line

Financial data reporting, analysis, and securities ranking systems. Access up to five years of technical history.

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Patent and trademark resources

Patent events

Learn the basics of the patent process, how to research your big idea and protect your intellectual property.

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Patent and Trademark Resource Center

Hennepin County Library houses the only Patent and Trademark Resource Center in Minnesota. The center, located on the second floor of Minneapolis Central Library, provides access to a collection of reference materials and guides, as well as access to powerful search tools for researching patents and trademarks.

Expert staff offer programs and assistance on navigating patenting and trademarking processes. Resources and services are provided for both general interest as well as small business owners and inventors.

Patent search tools

Accessible only at Minneapolis Central Library, 2nd floor. Public access to search full-text patent and application databases for the U.S., with abstracts for Japanese and European patents.

PubEAST (Examiner's Automated Search Tool) and PubWEST (Web-based Examiner's Search Tool) are both available.

Video overview

A librarian interviews an inventor who used this collection to save time and money.

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