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Hennepin County recognizes that art in public places contributes to the life and vitality of a community. 

In addition to permanent art displays, libraries may have space to display artworks created by community members. Contact your local library to learn more.

Cargill Gallery

Minneapolis Central Library has a gallery space on the second floor. Learn more about the Cargill Gallery and its current exhibit.

Art results

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Abbey’s Gift

by Richard Poey

Architectural Sketch

by Bard & Vanderbilt, 1930

Birch Tree

by Carl Rawson, 1926

Four Figures

by Walter Quirt, 1963

Untitled Stained Glass

by Unknown

Untitled Stained Glass

by Phil Daniel, 2003

View of St. Anthony, Minneapolis and St. Anthony Falls

by Edwin Whitefield, 1856